China’s Telegram Open Network Is Set to Launch Its Own Blockchain Network

China’s Telegram Open Network Is Set to Launch Its Own Blockchain Network

The long-halted blockchain project TON (Telegram Open Network) keeps on producing new developments for its community.

Even though Free TON and NewTon are the only two TON-based incentives, the Chinese TON Community is set to have its blockchain network for its platform.

The TON Community, through a blog post on May 29th, stated their intentions to launch a different TON-based network. The new plan was geared because Telegram shut down its involvement in the project.

TON’s Blockchain Testnet

The TON community aims to launch its blockchain Testnet and also its website. However, the Chinese TON community will seek to recruit more nodes and developers to develop its network.

We plan to start the TON Blockchain testnet in the first step, recruit more nodes and developers to join the network and test the network, and then redesign network rules that are more adapted to the current context, and invite more people to experience and use TON,” according to the blog post.

The blogpost also announced some issues it faced which include initial allocation, lack of integration with Telegram messenger, and also lack of incentives for developers.

As the Chinese TON Community is set to launch its TON network based on blockchain, there now be three TON-based blockchain communities.

However, these communities are not too friendly with each other. In a tweet on May 7th, the Chinese TON Community also complained about FreeTON stating that its initiatives don’t portray the TON Community.

Free TON is a shitcoin by TON Labs Company. It does not represent the TON Community. Who is the TON Labs Company BOSS?”

Recently, the real TON developers stated that their effort has been directed to other projects. In an announcement made on May 24th, they stated that the “main development of the TON code is transferred to the free source community.”

About TON Community

TON community was founded by Tooz Wu, who is a blockchain researcher. The Chinese TON Community is the most active in China, this was according to WU’s LinkedIn page.

After Wu began the community in May 2019, he initiated a Telegram community group five months later. According to a report, the Chinese TON Community founder stated that he is also part of the TON Community Foundation, which is a standalone community of developers all over the world.

Besides being the creator of the Chinese TON Community, Wu also Pioneered It is important to know that TONbus is a site that gathers vital TON-related sources. Additionally, WU also translated Telgram’s TON whitepaper into Chinese.