Amazon Files Patent for A Blockchain System to Track Goods

Amazon Files Patent for A Blockchain System to Track Goods

World’s top e-commerce platform Amazon patents a blockchain system to track goods for its supply chain.

Amazon filed this patent on May 26th and it describes a “distributed ledger certification” system. It is important to note that the patent would ensure consumer goods sold on its platform are authentic. The document also reads: “Features are disclosed for an interface for verifiable tracking of an item through a supply chain using a distributed electronic ledger.”

The author of the patent also explained that Amazon aims to boost “trust through an enterprise services platform that allows parties to map their global supply chains.” The tracking solution, with the help of blockchain technology, will help make items or goods been sold along the supply chain to be visible and trackable for consumers.

Furthermore, the system will permit producers, couriers, distributors, etc to include purchases to the ledger after they have registered with a certification authority. The certification authority would involve rules to test and certify the quality of every item through the supply chain before the item moves to the final destination or the end customer.

A Blockchain Tracking System That Fits the Modern Supply Chain

The patent also states that normal tracking solutions map a small part of a supply chain, especially the ones that can be accessed by its developer. Hence, traditional tracking solutions do not fit the modern supply chain: “The increasingly distributed and modularized physical supply chain where each entity works with multiple customer-facing channels has led to limited adoption of these siloed tools. The features described break this mold by building a lower-level set of open standards and services that provide a trustworthy framework for participants to use.”

However, the dependable and consistent nature of blockchain technology naturally fits the modern-day supply chain tracking solutions. Additionally, blockchain networks can be able to work for a continuous period without interruptions, and vital information cannot be edited.

Earning Trust

Amazon aims to continue earning the trust of its users, since its gargantuan platform is packed with counterfeits, according to the U.S government. Amazon also said: “Once trust is lost, it can often be difficult to regain.”

In 2019, Amazon launched a counterfeit detection program known as “Project Zero” to stop sham items. The platform also told the Wall Street Journal two years ago that the company will spend more money to fight fake items. Hence, the inclusion of a blockchain tracking system to track counterfeit items is part of Amazon’s effort to fight fake products.